Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC

FPV Model has just released the first Betaflight ESC that with the latest BLheli_32 firmware. We are so happy to see FPV Model, Betaflight and BLHeli work together to bring this innovative product to FPV community.

Comparing to other BLheli_32 ESC’s, the Betaflight BLHeli_32 has 6 compacitors to smooth noisy environments and much larger positive and ground pads for easy soldering. Besides, It comes an on-board RGB LED to allow for customizable colors, lets you add your own unique touch.

One important feature of the Betaflight ESC is, telemetry functionality enabled in latest BLHeli32 suite, connect to FC and you would get current sensing, motor RPM and ESC temperature etc. You need to download the latest BLheli32 suite from here.

In addition to these, the Betaflight ESC comes with 6 wires for easy soldering.


  • Built in Current Sensor
  • Extra capacitors to help smooth noisy envrionments.
  • Customizable color choice RGB LED using Blheli_32 software.
  • Large positive and ground pads for easy soldering.
  • 2-6s Lipo input
  • 35A continuous current  (can handle burst above 45A but please be reasonable, do not overwork  your motors)
  • TX pad on ESC used for Telemetry pad.

Specifications :

  • Input: 2-6s LiPoly
  • Constant: 35 Amps
  • Burst: 45 Amps
  • BEC: No BEC, OPTO only
  • Dimensions: 34x16x7mm
  • Weight: 6g (without motor wires)

Where to buy:

FPV Model (manufacturer) –

Helidirect (USA) –

n-Factory (Germany) –


Drone EClipse (USA) –

DAK FPV (Australia) –

If you are a seller and carrying the Betaflight ESC, please contact us and we’ll add your website to above list.