Favourite FVT LittleBee Summer 35A 2-4S BLHeli_32 Coming Soon

  • Updated on 30th of May: Jenny Xu of Littlebee just PM’ed that the first batch of ESC’s had been shipped out to their customers.
  • Update on 1st of June: The LittleBee BLHeli_32 ESC is now available at Banggood. Click to buy!

There’re more and more BLHeli_32 ESCs on the market now. Here comes a new one from the manufacturer Favourite FVT, LittleBee Summber 35A 2-4S BLheli_32 ESC. This ESC is still not available yet, but per the information from the manufacturer, it will be available by the end of May or the beginning of June. The unit price is $15.49 USD only, maybe the lowest price of 35A BLheli_32 ESC so far.

For more information of this new BLHeli_32 ESC, please check: https://www.banggood.com/Favourite-FVT-LittleBee-Summer-35A-2-4S-BLHeli_32-FPV-Racing-Brushless-ESC-Dshot1200-Ready-p-1154879.html. It is now available for pre-order.

Brand name: LittleBee
Item name: Summer 35A ESC
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Continue Current: 35A,Burst Current:40A up to 10S
Firmware: BLHeli-32 Bootloader
Size: 26*15mm.
Weight: 8g (Power and signal wire included)

Support Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Mutishot and at least Dshot1200.
Runs on an ARM 32bit MCU(STM32F051), running at 48MHz.
MOS: Both low and high side fets are Nfets, szie is 5*6, easy to heat.
Programmable pwm frequency, up to 48kHz, run motors even smoother.
Low voltage and temperature protection.