FVT Littlebee Summer 30A BLHeli_32 Released

Following the 35A, FVT just released its new 30A version of Littlebee Summer ESC. As no much information about the new ESC yet, we are not sure about the performance at the moment. But based on the good reputation that Littlebee Summer has gained, it is worth buying.

Where to buy:  Favourite Littlebee Summer 2-6s BLHeli_32 30A Dshot1200 ESC

Different from the Littlebee Summber 35A with only 2-4s input, the new 30A comes with 2-6s input. The burst current can be up to 35A / 10s. It is a bit larger than the 35A version with 31mm x 17mm, while the 35A is 27mm x 15mm. It keeps almost the same weight to 35A, only 8 grams including the wires. The unit price is $17.99 USD.

Another difference between the 30A and 35A is that, the 30A has current sensor, while the 35A version does not.

1: input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo.
2: NO BEC.
3: Continue Current is 30A, Burst Current is 35A up to 10S.
4: Size: 31x17mm.
5: Weight:8g (include Power and signal wires).
6: Support Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Mutishot and at least Dshot1200.
7: Main IC: runs on an ARM 32bit MCU(STM32F051), running at 48MHz.
8: MOS: Both low and high side fets are Nfets,szie is 5*6, easy to heat.
9: programmable pwm frequency, up to 48kHz, run motors much smoother.
10: Low voltage, temperature and current protection.
11: New telemetry function .
12: BLHeli-32 Bootloader & Firmware.

Where to buy the Littlebee Summber 30A?

FPVModel – https://www.fpvmodel.com/favourite-littlebee-summer-2-6s-blheli_32-30a-dshot1200-esc_g1324.html