List of BLHeli_32 ESC’s

Last update: Nov. 9th, 2017.

Here is a list of BLHeli licensed BLHeli_32 ESC’s. If you are a manufacturer, and your BLHeli_32 ESC’s are not included, please let us know. We’ll add them to the list after confirmation. If you are new to BLHeli_32, please check what is BLHeli_32?

Wraith32 Series

Wraith32 Mini 25A –

Wraith32 35A –

Wraith32 Plus 50A –

Wraith32 Metal 35A –

Wraith32 V2 –

iPeaka BLHeli_32

iPeaka 35A –

iPeaka 50A –

X-Racer Quadrant

X-Racer Quadrant 2-6S 25A –

X-Racer Quadrant 2-6S 35A –

Lumenier BLHeli_32

Lumenier BLHeli_32 35A –

Lumenier BLHeli_32 50A –

Lumenier 4-in-1 35A –

Littlebee BLHELI_32

Littlebee BLHeli_32 35A –

Littlebee BLHeli_32 30A –

Racerstar TATTO

Racerstar Tatto 25A –

Racerstar Tatto 35A –

Racerstar Tatto 8A ST –

Racerstar Tatto_s 4-in-1 25A –

Racerstar Tatto_s 4-in-1 35A –

Racerstar TattooF4S 30A AIO –

DYS Aria

DYS Aria 35A –

Sunrise Siskin BLHeli_32

(6 models released by Sunrise Model totally, but no much information provided yet)

Sunrise Siskin 21A –

Sunrise Siskin 33A –

Sunrise Siskin 31A 4-in-1 –

Aikon AK32 35A 2-6S

Aikon Ak32 35A  –

Betaflight BLHeli_32

Betaflight BLHeli_32 35A –

Spedix GS30A

Spedix GS30A BLHeli_32 30A –




T-Motor F30A:

T-Motor F35A: