Metal Version of Wraith32 BLheli_32 ESC Released

Wraith32 Metal - 32bit BLHELI ESC

Airbot just released a new version of metal Wraith32 BLHeli_32 ESC. Different from the previous version,  the new one is made of metal which has made the ESC with extremely superior quality.

As per the information from both Airbot and FPV Model, the new metal Wraith32 has following features comparing to the standard Wraith32:

  1.  The metal MOS has a better heat dissipation and gives more power.
  2.  More capacitors.
  3.  Better power supply lines
  4.  Better stability.
  5.  Better transmittion interface layout

As to other features, the same to standard Wraith32, including:

  • Build in Current sensor
  • On-Board RGB LED
  • 2-6s LIPO input
  • 65A designed
  • 15*35mm

However, the price is much higher than the standard version. It is $34.99 each ESC, while the standard version is $14.95 only at FPV Model.

Here’s the link for the metal Wraith32:

Wraith32 Metal - 32bit BLHELI ESC Wraith32 Metal - 32bit BLHELI ESC