Spedix GS30 32Bit Dshot1200 ESC-30A

More and more ESC manufacturers have joined the competition of BLHeli_32, now here comes a new participant, Spedix.

Spedix is already known for making high quality ESC’s at a price that doesn’t offend the wallet and they have done it again and this time with the new hype Dshot 1200 supporting the new BlHeli 32 Bit protocol.

This is the second 30A BLHeli_32 ESC we can find on the market, the first one is the Littlebee Summer 30A made by the well-known manufacturer FVT. Comparing to the Littlebee which has an input of 2-6s, the Spedix only has 2-4s. But the Spedix is much smaller in size and much lower in price.

Where to buy the Spedix GS30?

  1. Racedayquads – https://www.racedayquads.com/collections/spedix-escs/products/spedix-gs30-32-bit-dshot-1200-esc-30a
  2. Piroflip RC – http://pirofliprc.com/Spedix-GS30-30A-Dshot1200-BlHeli-32-bit-ESC-for-FPV-RACING_p_4171.html
  3. FPV faster – https://www.fpvfaster.com.au/products/spedix-gs-30a-blheli-32-bit-dshot-1200-esc
  4. OAS Hobby – https://www.oashobby.com/collections/esc/products/spedix-gs30a-blheli_32bit-esc