Wraith32 V2 BLheli_32 ESC Released

Wraith32 V2 ESC

Airbot, the first authourized manufacturer of 32bit BLHeli ESCs, has upgraded the Wraith32 35A BLHeli_32 ESC to version 2.  The Wraith32 V2 comes with more 1800uf capacitors and LED’s on both two sides. As it is a new product and we don’t have the sample on hand, we are waiting more information from Airbot.

Where to buy?

FPV Model (China/International): https://www.fpvmodel.com/wraith32-v2-35a-32bit-blheli_32-esc-dshot1200_g1361.html

FPVFaster (Australia): https://www.fpvfaster.com.au/products/wraith32-v2-w-more-caps-32bit-35a-blheli_32-esc-dshot1200

Wraith32 V2 ESC